Developer Program FAQ

Yes. Centrify products all have the capability to be programmed using development tools. For example, we have REST APIs for the Privileged Access Service.

For Privileged Access Service, the interfaces are REST based web APIs. You can choose your favorite editor and programming language.

Navigate to and click Free Trial. Complete the form and click START MY TRIAL.

Navigate to to learn how to configure different application types in your Centrify tenant. Once the application is working, and you are ready to export, edit your application in your Centrify tenant, click Actions in the top left of the page, and click Export.

Yes. These two SDKs are available:

SAML toolkits are available as free contributions on GitHub:

Sample code contributions are also available on GitHub:

For SDKs on GitHub, go to the specific GitHub repository > Issues tab > New Issue. For SDK bugs related to Authentication, Privilege Elevation, and Audit and Monitoring Services, please contact Centrify Support at [email protected].

Questions related to Centrify developer tools are supported through community-based channels (community forums and email).

By posting a question to the community forum, you may be able to receive a response from Centrify engineers or community members. If you’d like to get professional developer support, please consider partnering with Centrify.

The Centrify Developers community forum board is available at You’ll need to log in with your existing website account or create an account.

Centrify Forums are open for browsing, however, you are required to log in to start a new discussion or comment on the existing discussions.

As a logged in website user, you should be able to start a new discussion, by clicking Centrify Mobile Authentication Services SDK / Centrify SaaS SDK > New message.

As a logged in website user, you should be able to subscribe by simply navigating into the appropriate board and selecting Subscribe from Options dropdown menu.