The Device table contains detailed information about devices that have been enrolled in Identity Platform.

DeviceIDStringUnique device identifier.
CarrierStringCellular carrier.
LastSeenDateTimeLast time the device contacted the cloud services.
StateIntegerCurrent state of the device. Possible values are 1, 2, 3, 4 (Profiling/Enrolling, Live/Managed, GPApplied, Terminated).
DisplayStateStringDevice state text (e.g. Enrolling, Enrolled, Unreachable, Unenrolled).
DisplayStateStringStringDevice state user-friendly localized text.
JailbrokenIntegerFlag that indicates if device is Jailbroken/rooted. (0 - No, 1 - Yes).
NameStringName of the device.
ModelNameStringModel of the device.
InternalDeviceTypeStringDevice type code (e.g. I - iOS, A - Android, M - OSX).
LastNotifyDateTimeLast time the cloud services attempted to contact the device.
CustomerIDStringTenant identifier (e.g. ABC0123).
OwnerStringUsername of device owner.
OwnerIDStringUnique identifier of device owner.
SerialStringSerial number of the device.
OSVersionStringDevice OS version.
ModelStringDevice model.
CapabilitiesStringInternal device capability codes.
EnrollmentTypeStringDevice enrollment method (e.g. Web, App, Dep).
SSOEnabledBooleanEnable/Disable flag for SSO on this device.
OSBuildStringOS build number (e.g. LRX22C, 10A551, 11A465).
LongitudeStringLongitude of last known location of device.
LatitudeStringLatitude of last known location of device.
LocationAccuracyStringLocation accuracy of last known location of device.
LocationTimeDateTimeDate and time of last known location of device.
AppsStringList of apps.
ImeiStringIMEI of the device.
PhoneNumberStringPhone number of the device.
DeviceCapacityDisplayStringMaximum available space on device in bytes.
AvailableDeviceCapacityDisplayStringCurrent available space on device in bytes.
BatteryLevelIntegerCurrent battery level.
SafeKeyVersionStringSamsung SAFE key version to be displayed in AP.
SafeSdkVersionStringAndroid Samsung SAFE API version.
KnoxContainerStatusIntegerSamsung KNOX container status on the device.
KnoxSdkVersionStringAndroid Samsung KNOX SDK version.
LoggingCallInfoBooleanCall info logging enabled.
LoggingCarrierDataUsageBooleanCarrier data usage logging enabled.
LoggingSMSBooleanSMS logging enabled.
BytesSentWIFIStringNumber of bytes sent via WiFi.
BytesSentNetworkStringNumber of bytes sent via cellular network.
BytesReceivedWIFIStringNumber of bytes received via WiFi.
BytesReceivedNetworkStringNumber of bytes sent via cellular network.
MissedCallsCountStringMissed call count.
SuccessCallsCountStringSuccessful call count.
MobileManagerVersionStringInstalled MDM client application version.
IpAddressStringLast known IP address.
FileVaultStatusStringApple FileVault status.
AMSPolicyEnforcedBooleanFlag that indicates that Samsung AMS policy is enforced.
LastAttestationStateStringLast known Samsung KNOX attestation state.
StatusFlagsStringDevice status metadata in JSON format.
DeviceDetailsStringDevice details metadata in JSON format.
LastAttestationSucceededDateTimeDate and time of last successful Samsung KNOX attestation check.
ManufacturerStringManufacturer of the device.
DisplayModelNameStringUser-friendly model name.
DisplayOsVersionStringDescription=User-friendly OS version.
AfwDeviceIdStringGoogle Android for Work device identifier.

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