Edit Configuration Files

To edit the configuration files

  1. Unzip the aws-centrify-python-v4.zip file.
  2. Change directory to python-aws-v7 using the command cd python-aws-v7.


Edit the properties file with the following settings, based on whether your organization uses a proxy server:

Edit lineNo ProxyWith Proxy
[Properties]Do not modifyDo not modify
proxy=noEnsure the proxy is set to noModify the proxy to yes
http_proxy=PROXY_VALUENo proxy value requiredReplace PROXY_VALUE with the value of your proxy
https_proxy=HTTP_PROXYNo https proxy requiredReplace HTTP_PROXY with the value of your http proxy
proxy_user=PROXY_USERNo change requiredReplace PROXY_USER with the value of your proxy user for proxy server authentication. If not user-specific, use the value no

Note: This is not the Centrify instance authentication
proxy_password=PROXY_PASSWORDNo change requiredReplace PROXY_PASSWORD with the value of your proxy user password for proxy server authentication.

Note: If the proxy user value is no, update PROXY_PASSWORD with a base64 encoded value of the proxy server password