Monitor Connector Status

A Centrify connector is a multi-purpose service, similar to a proxy, that ensures that your computers and services can communicate with the Centrify cloud service. Monitoring the status of your connectors and logging instances of downtime may be important to the overall health of your environment. In addition to accessing the health of your connectors, you can also view what services are running on them.

You can use the /Core/CheckProxyHealth API to manually check the status of one or all of your connectors through a service like Postman, or you can automate monitoring and logging processes in a number of ways, such as using Windows Task Manager with a custom script.

This topic introduces some of the ways in which you can use the API to monitor the status of your Centrify connectors.

Making the call

To manually access the status of your connectors, you must be logged on to your tenant and have administrative permissions. To check the status of all of your connectors, you simply call /Core/CheckProxyHealth. To check the status of a single connector, you must specify the connector's UUID in the following way:


A successful call returns the status of your connection to Centrify cloud services (ConnectorInfo), as well as the status of the connection to your domain controller (AdInfo). The status will either be "Healthy" or "Unhealthy" for each of these catagories. The call also returns what services are running on each connector (FeaturesEnabled).

Successful /Core/CheckProxyHealth response:

  "success": true,
  "Result": {
    "Connectors": [
        "ConnectorInfo": {
          "Id": "0d8r4yad-66ab-444b-b1d88-5208fuY613a8",
          "Version": "",
          "MachineName": "member1",
          "FeaturesEnabled": [
          "Name": "member1",
          "Status": "Healthy"
        "AdInfo": {
          "Status": "Healthy",
          "ForestUuid": "1455f2437tuielieo5784fsdei40481e121fb",
          "Forest": ""
    "Version": "1.0"
  "Message": null,
  "MessageID": null,
  "Exception": null,
  "ErrorID": null,
  "ErrorCode": null,
  "InnerExceptions": null

Automating the monitoring and logging of connector health

If you want to automate the process of periodically logging the status of your connectors, you can use the API to format and direct this data to a number of platforms. For example, you can send the data to a database, a CSV file, or a SIEM service.

You can download and use an example of a script that exports connector status information to a CSV file using /Core/CheckProxyHealth here: Centrify.Samples.DotNet.ConnectorHealth.

You can use the script above with a scheduling service, such as Windows Task Manager, to routinely log and organize the health of your connectors. You can also modify the project to meet your specific needs.

Instructions on how to use the script can be found on the download page, and in the ReadMe file bundled with the sample.