Running the Program

Start the program

Being the program by running the command Python3.5 -h [-t|-tenant] <tenant> [-r|-region] <region>

Available command line arguments

-h / -help

Provides help for the program.

D:\python-aws-v7>python  -h
usage:  [-h]  [-tenant  TENANT]  [-region  REGION]  [-debug]
Enter  Centrify  Credentials  and  choose  AWS  Role  to  create  AWS  Profile.  Use  this AWS  Profile  to  run  AWS  commands.
optional  arguments:
	-h,  --help                        show  this  help  message  and  exit
	-tenant  TENANT,  -t  TENANT       Enter  tenant  url  or  name  e.g. or cloud-region  REGION,  
	-r  REGION                         Enter  AWS  region.  Default  is  us-west-2  
	-debug,  -d                        This  will  make  debug  on

-t / -tenant

The tenant parameter can be used in the following ways:

Note: If no value is provided, the default value is

D:\python-aws-v7>python  -t  cloud  


D:\python-aws-v7>python  -t


D:\python-aws-v7>python  -tenant  station