The Server table contains detailed information about resources that Identity Platform is managing.

IDStringResource's UUID (primary key).
AgentVersionStringVersion of Centrify cloud client.
DescriptionStringDescription of the resource.
NameStringName of the resource.
OperatingSystemStringName and version of Operation system of the resource.
JoinedBooleanWhether the resource is joined in the cloud.
FQDNStringFully-qualified DNS name or IP address of the resource.
ComputerClassStringResource type; one of:
* Generic
SessionTypeStringSession type: Rdp or Ssh.
PortIntegerPort number used for the session.
ProxyUserStringUser name for the proxy account.
ProxyUserIsManagedBooleanWhether the proxy account is enabled.
ManagementModeStringWinRM over HTTP or HTTPS.
ManagementPortIntegerPort to be used with WinRM HTTP or HTTPS.
LastStateStringHealth status of the resource:
ActiveSessionsIntegerNumber of active sessions for the resource.
ActiveCheckoutsIntegerNumber of password checkouts for the resource.
IsFavoriteBooleanWhether the resource is marked as a favorite.
AllowRemoteBooleanWhether remote login is allowed for the resource.
AllowMultipleCheckoutsBooleanWhether multiple checkouts are allowed for the resource.
DefaultCheckoutTimeIntegerNumber of minutes that a checked out password is valid.
PasswordRotateDurationIntegerDuration between automatic password change.
UserIDStringAn Id for the computer (internal).
ReachableBooleanWhether the last health check of the resource is successful.
ReachableErrorStringReason for failure for the last health check.
NumBrokenAccountsIntegerNumber of failed accounts found during the last health check.
NumGoodAccountsIntegerNumber of good accounts found during the last health check.
RightsStringPermissions set on the resources.
CredentialKmipModeStringLocation in which account credentials are save; one of:
* Unknown
JoinedDateDateTimeResource joined to cloud on this Date/Time.
JoinedByStringCloud user who joined the resource to the cloud.
DefaultHomeStringDefault home directory for the resource.
DefaultShellStringDefault shell for the resource.
ProxyCollectionStringList of cloud connectors available for the resource.

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