The VaultAccount table contains detailed information about the shared accounts that are available to access resources, such as servers, workstations and network devices.

IDStringAccount's UUID (primary key).
DescriptionStringDescription for the account.
UserStringUser name for the account.
LastChangeDateTimeLast modified Date/Time of the password.
ActiveSessionsIntegerNumber of active sessions for the account.
ActiveCheckoutsIntegerNumber of active checkouts for the account.t
HostStringUUID of the resource.
RightsStringPermissions set on the accounts.
DueBackDateTimeLatest time by which all the active checkouts of the account will expire.
NeedsPasswordResetStringPassword reset state for the account; one of:
* RetryLimitedExceeded (internal)
PasswordResetRetryCountIntegerNumber of times password reset needs to be tried (Internal).
PasswordResetLastErrorStringLast password reset error for the account.
HealthyStringHealth status found during the last health check; one of:
* Failed
HealthErrorStringDetail of account health check failure.
IsManagedBooleanWhether the account is managed.
UseWheelBooleanWhether the proxy is used for the account.
WorkflowEnabledBooleanWhether work flow is enabled.
WorkflowApproverStringDetails of the configured approver in JSON format.
EffectiveWorkflowEnabledBooleanWhether work flow is enabled for the account based on global settings.
EffectiveWorkflowApproverStringDetails of the configured approver in JSON format based on global settings.

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