Exports the information for one or more webhooks to JSON. The information is returned in both a .json file attachment and in the response. The exported information can be imported to a tenant using the /file/import/rules/webhook.



ruleActions array of objects
A collection of objects each containing information about a webhook.

ruleActions.actions array of objects
Contains information about the webhook.

ruleActions..createdBy string
The ID of the user who created the webhook.

ruleActions.name string
The name provided for the export

ruleActions..policyId string
The ID of the webhook.

ruleActions.rule object
Contains information about the rule (event) that will be used to invoke the webook.

ruleActions.rule.filter_meta_data object
The event type.

ruleActions.rule.filter_meta_data.event_type String
The name of the event type.

ruleActions.rule.filter_type object
The type of event filter.

ruleActions.tenantId string
The ID of the tenant that owns the webhook.

ruleActions.updatedBy String
The ID of the user who updated the webhook.

signature string

version string
The webhook version.

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