Get Discovery Profiles

Gets the discovery profiles.



success boolean
Indicates if the request was successful.

Result Object
Contains information about the discovery profile.

Result.Description String
A description of the discovery profile.

Result.ScheduleOwnerId String
The ID of the schedule owner.

Result._RowKey String
The unique ID of the discovery profile.

Result.SkipDiscovered Boolean

Result.OSType String
The type(s) of OS included in the discovery profile.

Result.IsSchedulable Boolean
Indicates if the discovery profile can be scheduled.

Result.ComputerOUs Array of Strings
Lists the computer OUs.

Result.Name String
The name of the discovery profile.

Result.Domains Array of Objects
Provides information about the domains included in the discovery profile.

Result.Domains.NamingContext String

Result.Domains.Enabled String
Indicates if the domain is enabled for discovery.

Result.Domains.Name String
The name of the domain.

Result.Domains.DomainId String
The unique ID of the domain.

Result.Domains.UsingDefaultAccount String
Indicates if the default account is used.

Result.Domains.UserName String
The name of the user for the domain.

Result.ApplicationType String
The type(s) of application(s) in the discovery profile.

Result.ID String
The unique ID of the discovery profile.

Result.DefaultUserName String

Result.Schedule String

Result.IsScheduleRunning Boolean
Indicates if the schedule is running.

Result.ComputerType String
The type(s) of computer(s) included in the discovery profiles.

Message string
Error message text on failure, may be null

ErrorID string
Unique support identifier for this occurrence of an error

success boolean
Indicates API success or failure

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