Gets information about applications for a specified role.



success boolean
Indicates if the request was successful.

Result Object
Standard result.

Result.IsAggregate boolean
Indicates if the result is aggregated.

Result.Count Integer
The number of items returned.

Result.Columns Array of Objects
Each element describes a column.

Result.Columns.Name String
The name of the column.

Result.Columns.IsHidden Boolean
Indicates if the column is hidden.

Result.Columns.DDName String
The DDName of the column.

Result.Columns.Title String
The title of the column.

Result.Columns.Description String
A description of the column.

Result.Columns.Type Integer
The column's type.

Result.Columns.Format String
The format of the column.

Result.Columns.TableKey String
The table's primary key.

Result.Columns.ForeignKey String
The table's foreign key.

Result.Columns.TableName String
The name of the table.

Result.Count Integer
The number of items returned in the Results collection.

Result.Results Array of Objects
Contains information about each app.

Result.Results.Entities Array of Objects
An array of metadata related to a row.

Result.Results.Entities.Type String
The type.

Result.Results.Entities.Key String
The key.

Result.Results.Entities.IsForeignKey Boolean
Indicates if it's a foreign key.

Result.Results.Row Object
Contains information describing an app.

Result.Results.Row.IsMarketplaceApp Boolean
Indicates if the app is a marketplace app.

Result.Results.Row.AppTypeDisplayName String
The app's display name.

Result.Results.Row.Name String
The name of the app.

Result.Results.Row.Icon String
The path to the app's icon.

Result.Results.Row.Description String
A description of the app.

Result.Results.Row.ID String
The unique ID of the app.

Result.Results.Row.Version String
The app's version.

Result.Results.Row.AppType String
The app's type.

Result.ReturnID String
The return ID.

Message string
Error message text on failure, may be null.

ErrorID string
Unique support identifier for this occurrence of an error.

success boolean
Indicates API success or failure.

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