Creates a new customer tenant.



success boolean
Indicates if the request was successfull.

Result object
Contains information about the newly created customer tenant.

Result.TenantId String
The ID of the new tenant.

Result.AdminUser String
The name of the tenant's admin user.

Result.AdminPass String
The password for the tenant's admin user.

Result.PodFqdn String
The base URL for the new tenant.

Result.PodName String
The name of the new tenant.

Result.AuthCookie String
The authorization cookie for the new tenant.

Result.ProxyCode String
The proxy code for the new tenant.

Result.AdminUuid String
The unique ID for the admin user of the new tenant.

Message string
Error message text on failure, may be null.

ErrorID string
Unique support identifier for this occurrence of an error.

success boolean
Indicates API success or failure.

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